New Radvocacy Website Promotes Member Participation in Advocacy Activities

August 15, 2022

​The Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) and RADPAC®, the two pillars of advocacy for the American College of Radiology Association® (ACRA®) are now accessible under one reinvented Radvocacy Site.

The new website gives advocates access to up-to-date news, resources and alerts in one location. It also serves as a location for members to learn about myriad opportunities to engage and support advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels.

Members also can:

  • Access 2022 Advocacy Boot Camp 101 content.
  • View the interactive RAN map, which provides the number of actions taken in each state and contact information for RAN leaders in each state.
  • Listen to the Radvocacy Hosted by RADPAC podcast without logging in.
  • Access all action alerts on one page, with the ability to browse by state.
  • Review individual year-to-date RADPAC contributions.
  • View the RADPAC Map, which shows the number of contributors and total amount of contributions by state for the calendar year; the map is updated in real time.
  • Connect directly to the RAN/RADPAC database, which helps the ACRA provide you with the most accurate reporting when it comes to state-by-state participation and avoid creating duplicate records for individuals.


There is no login required for RAN content; however, to access RADPAC-specific content, logging in will be required. Please contact Haley Brown, Government Affairs Specialist, for RADPAC information. For information about the new site or topics related to RAN, please contact Melody Ballesteros, Assistant Director of Government Relations. ​