Radiologists Wield Influence in Statehouses Through ACRA Radiology Advocacy Network Calls to Action

March 23, 2023

State legislative sessions have been underway since January, and healthcare issues have been at the forefront. The American College of Radiology Association® (ACRA®) Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) has assisted several state societies galvanize their members in responding to calls to action (CTA) in opposition to many proposals that would expand scope of practice for non-physician provider groups.

In the last three months, RAN has supported four states — Iowa, Missouri, Montana and South Dakota — in sending CTA on scope of practice legislation that would reduce the required supervision of licensed physicians and specialty physicians over physician assistants (PA) and advance practice registered nurses. For example, Montana House Bill 313 would allow PAs to have full independent practice with little-to-no oversight.

As the year progresses and many state legislative sessions come to an end, RAN remains dedicated to providing support and resources to state societies to help with grassroots and advocacy where and whenever needed.

If your society has a legislative issue that needs its members to be aware of and would like assistance with a CTA, contact Melody Ballesteros, Assistant Director of Government Affairs.

For information about state legislation and state specific issues, contact Eugenia Brandt, Senior Director of Government Affairs and Dillon Harp, Senior Government Relations Specialist.